Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Departure from Food: Attempting to Revitalize a Green Thumb

     Now, if you ask the hubby, he will most likely tell you that I never had a green thumb to begin with. The plants I try to keep alive, die; and the plants I try to kill, live forever. It's a gift…I guess…This is why I waited to create this post. I wanted to make sure things were…ahem…alive for a bit. I am pleased to announce that they are, but I give you permission to laugh at that statement. :)
      On a whim one weekend, I decided to finally attempt a display for the bay window in our kitchen. I  scurried around our house collecting a random variety of types of glassware and then headed out to the store. Here is what I came back with:

       Ok, so technically I already had the stones in my craft room. The rest, however, I bought at the store. You may laugh now. Yes, I am bragging that I have kept succulents alive for a month. We all have our strengths and weaknesses people. ANYWAY, because my glassware did not have holes in the bottom, I read that I needed to have an alternate form of drainage. See- stones. Each jar/vase/glass got a base of stones at the bottom. This way, when I water them the roots don't sit in the moisture. It can drain down between the stones.

          After this, I put some of the special cactus soil in each container. With a few different alterations, I settled on how I wanted to distribute the plants to each glass. I have to say, for a first attempt, I'm pleased with the results.

       Again, let me say, they are all still alive and thriving. (On one shot glass of water a week might I add!!!) I just read a fun pin on adding food coloring to the water and how it affects the succulents. I may actually give that a try just for the fun of it! Check back to see results later! In the meantime, here is  the window sill of my bay window in the kitchen. Not too shabby to begin with. And again. Alive. :) 

         I am officially half way through Spring Break and enjoying some much needed relaxation! I'm hoping to share a staining project with you soon. However, the weather is not cooperating currently. As soon as I get a nice, warm, Spring day - I'll be all over it! In the meantime, enjoy the beginning of Spring and a good chuckle at my "green thumb's" expense. 


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